Jerusalem ovens - Matzah-Baking Ovens for Sale 



Without compromising on Quality or HIDDUR!

What makes Jerusalem ovens unique?



  Even heat –No need to flip matza

    Speedy baking –less than10 seconds per maatza

    Ln accordance with all chumros and hiddurim

    Authentic, old-style flavor

    Safety regulated and economical

    Easy storage –dismantles into 4 separate parts


:.We stock all your matza baking equipment

 Jerusalem ovens has been producing, top quality, gas-run

 Ovens for over 30 years using exclusive, advanced technology

 Without compromising on Quality or HIDDUR!


                         Oven                                                                         Finner

         Kneading bowl                                     Shiber's stick

                                                            Matzohs perforator  (reidler)                                   rolling pin              

תנורי ירושלים – ייצור תנורים לאפיית מצות:

  טלפון - 02-587-60-60 (Phone)

  נייד   - 054-55-12-800 (Mobile)
  פקס  - 02-587-60-04 (Fax)

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